{About us}

A small lifestyle store based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Country Chic is a family-run business and a trademark inspired by shabby chic, floral, and romantic styles.


Our passion for pretty things began when my sister and I traveled to New Zealand to complete our masters’ degrees. We were fortunate to live and study in such a beautiful country.  Through our journey, we learned a great deal about passion, love, joy, and appreciating the small and pretty things in life.


Our experiences abroad awoke in us an appreciation for the positive and beautiful things in life. We fell in love with shabby chic style found in vintage and antique shops. Spending time in these shops evoked in us a variety of beautiful feelings, the top of which was enjoyment. Through our store, we would like to provide that experience for others.


We believe that one of life’s greatest pleasures is to feel relaxed and peaceful in your own home, whether it is an expansive castle or a small apartment. We would like to help you create those feelings in your home with our chic and unique items. We want you to enjoy the pretty things in life.

      Ashwaq Aljohani



    Shoroq Aljohani 




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